The Best Nude Beaches in Mexico

The 11 Best Nude Beaches in Mexico


Well, you’re in luck! Mexico isn’t just about tacos and tequila, it’s also home to some amazing nude beaches.

Yes, there are nude beaches in Mexico. Whether you’re a naturist veteran or a curious newbie ready to try something different, there’s a spot for every type of beachgoer, unrestricted by clothing. Here is my list of the 19 best nude beaches Mexico has to offer as well as a list of nude resorts.

Map of the Best Nude Beaches in Mexico

Take a look at my map of the best nude beaches in Mexico. The yellow icons show you the nude beaches and the blue icons are to show you some of the best nude resorts.

The Best Nude Beaches in Mexico

1. Zipolite Beach, Oaxaca

Zipolite Best Nude Beaches in Mexico

Nestled on the southern coast of Oaxaca, Zipolite Beach is the most popular of the nude beaches in Mexico. A stretch of paradise that’s as free-spirited as they come.

Known for its laid-back atmosphere and stunning sunsets, it’s the only officially sanctioned nude beach in Mexico. But it’s more than just its nude-friendly status that draws visitors from around the globe. The golden sands, clear waters, and welcoming community create a vibe that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Spread out your towel for an all-day sunbath or join in on a beach volleyball game. Zipolite offers the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, all with a no-clothes-required policy.

2. Playa del Amor, Zipolite, Oaxaca

Playa del Amor Best Nude Beaches in Mexico

A hidden beach within the already paradisiacal Zipolite, Playa del Amor is unofficially labeled the ‘gay nude beach’. It offers an even more secluded spot for those seeking tranquility.

This beach, often referred to as “Lover’s Beach,” is a smaller, more intimate setting. Here the sense of privacy enhances the nudist experience. It’s the perfect place for couples or anyone looking for a peaceful retreat.

Whether you’re basking in the sun’s warmth, taking a dip in the crystal-clear waters, or simply enjoying the serene atmosphere, Playa del Amor is a testament to the liberating essence of Zipolite’s nudist culture. There is a reason it made it on my ‘Oaxaca Best Beaches‘ list.

3. Matanchen Bay, Nayarit

Matanchen Bay Best Nude Beaches in Mexico

Matanchen Bay, located on the Pacific coast, is a scenic curve of coastline known for its warm, shallow waters. While not officially designated as a nudist beach, its secluded spots allow for a discreet naturist experience enjoyed by many.

This bay is famed not only for its beauty but also for its surf. It offers some of the longest rideable waves in the world. Beyond surfing, the bay’s wide beaches provide ample space for sunbathing and picnicking in privacy. This makes it one of the best nude beaches in Mexico, and an ideal spot for those looking to enjoy freedom.

4. Playa Puerto Angelito, Oaxaca

Puerto Angelito Nude Beaches in Mexico

Playa Puerto Angelito in Oaxaca is a cozy cove that offers a unique blend of local charm and discreet nudist-friendly areas. While not as recognized for nudism as Zipolite, it has corners where clothing-optional sunbathing has become common.

It’s smaller and more enclosed, providing a tranquil setting for relaxation and a dip in the calm, clear waters. The beach is embraced by natural rock formations, creating a secluded feel that’s perfect for anyone looking to unwind away from the more populated spots.

Local vendors wander the beach, offering fresh seafood and cold drinks, allowing you to indulge in the flavors of Oaxaca without ever having to leave your spot in the sun.

5. Playa Sonrisa, Xcalak

Playa Sonrisa Nude Beaches in Mexico

At the southern tip of the Yucatán Peninsula, where the Caribbean Sea meets the Mexican shore, lies Playa Sonrisa. This hidden beach is for those who seek solitude, with its clear blue waters and pristine white sands.

Unlike the busier nude beaches in Mexico, Playa Sonrisa is a quiet retreat. The sounds of the ocean and palm trees provide the perfect backdrop for a day spent in the nude.

Xcalak is a remote village, largely untouched by the heavy footprints of tourism, making Playa Sonrisa the ideal spot for naturists looking for an authentic escape. The beach is part of a small, clothing-optional resort, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming environment for everyone choosing to embrace the naturist lifestyle.

6. Playa del Secreto, Guerrero

Playa del Secreto Nude Beaches in Mexico

Playa del Secreto, located along the rugged coastline of Guerrero, is exactly what its name suggests, a secret beach. This hidden stretch of sand offers an oasis for those in the know. While not officially marked as one of the nude beaches in Mexico, its privacy provided by the surrounding cliffs makes it a favored spot for discreet naturist activities.

Accessing Playa del Secreto might require a bit of effort, including a trek through some lush paths, but the reward is a tranquil beach experience like no other. The pristine waters invite you to dip in, while the soft sand calls for lazy afternoons basking in the sun, free from the constraints of clothing.

7. Coronado Island, Baja California Sur

Coronado Island Nude Beaches in Mexico

Coronado Island is somewhat hidden off the coast of Baja California Sur, an escape from the mainland’s hustle. Known for its crystal-clear waters, marine life, and untouched landscapes, this island offers a unique opportunity for naturism. While not officially listed as one of the nude Beaches in Mexico, the island’s private coves attract those seeking to connect with nature in the most natural way possible.

Accessible by boat from Loreto, the journey to Coronado Island offers views of the Sea of Cortez and the chance to spot dolphins and whales along the way. The lack of crowds and commercial development on the island ensures that your naturist experience will be as intimate and peaceful as it gets.

8. Playa Mermejita, Oaxaca

Playa Mermejita Nude Beaches in Mexico

On the rugged coast of Oaxaca, away from the more frequented beaches, lies the serene Playa Mermejita. This secluded stretch of sand offers a retreat for those seeking privacy. Again, not officially marked as a nude beach in Mexico’, the laid-back atmosphere and seclusion attract those looking to embrace the naturist.

Accessibility is part of what keeps Playa Mermejita so pristine and quiet. A short walk from the more bustling Mazunte beach, it feels worlds away from civilization.

The beach is known for its spectacular sunsets. The sky and sea blend in a riot of colors, showcasing a moment of magic that feels all the more special in the nude. The powerful waves and strong currents make it more suitable for sunbathing and evening strolls than swimming.

9. Playa la Yerbabuena, Oaxaca

Playa la Yerbabuena

Tucked away on the coastline of Oaxaca, This secluded spot is perfect for those seeking a quiet retreat into nature. Not technically listed as a Mexican nude beach, its secluded nature naturally attracts nudists!

This untouched paradise is accessed via a scenic path that meanders through tropical foliage, opening up to breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The beach’s isolation ensures that it remains relatively undiscovered, offering an atmosphere where one can easily find a private spot to enjoy the sun and sea in the nude.

The crystal-clear waters invite for a refreshing dip, although, be mindful as secluded beaches have fewer lifeguards or none at all.

10. Playa Maruata, Michoacán

Playa Carrizalillo

In the heart of Michoacán’s rugged coastline, Playa Maruata is a favorite among both locals and travelers seeking the best nude beaches in Mexico. With its combination of golden sand, clear blue waters, and fascinating rock formations, Maruata offers a picturesque setting for those looking to enjoy the naturist lifestyle.

Playa Maruata consists of several coves, each providing a different level of privacy. The secluded areas allow for a comfortable and liberating naturist experience. The community around Maruata is welcoming and open-minded, making visitors feel at home in this beautiful slice of paradise.

The beach is famous for its sea turtle conservation efforts, and if you’re lucky, you might witness these majestic creatures nesting or hatching depending on the season.

11. Playa Carrizalillo, Oaxaca (Not a Nude Beach)

Playa Carrizalillo

In the heart of Oaxaca, a secluded cove offers an intimate beach experience. It is not a nude beach but you will find many naked sunbathers down there. It is worth mentioning for its beauty.

This slice of paradise is accessed via a steep path with stairs, leading to a breathtaking view of the turquoise waters. The effort to reach this paradise is rewarded with a tranquil atmosphere, making it a favorite among locals and travelers.

FAQs: Nude Beaches in Mexico

Are there any nude beaches in Cancun, Mexico?

While Cancun is renowned for its stunning beaches and nightlife, it doesn’t officially have designated nude beaches. However, there are nude resorts in the area, like Turquoize at Hyatt Ziva, that offer clothing-optional or topless-optional environments, catering to those looking for a liberating beach experience.

How many official nude beaches in Mexico?

Mexico has a relaxed attitude towards nudity on some of its beaches, but officially, Zipolite Beach in Oaxaca is the only fully recognized nude beach. Despite this, several beaches and secluded spots across the country are known for being nude-friendly, offering privacy and a laid-back atmosphere for naturists which is why they are still included on the ‘best nude beaches in Mexico’ list.

Are there any nude beaches or resorts in Mexico City?

Mexico City itself, being a massive metropolis, doesn’t host nude resorts. The trend for naturist-friendly accommodations, including nude resorts, is more common along the coastal regions of Mexico, such as Quintana Roo, Jalisco, and Oaxaca, where the climate and natural landscapes provide the perfect setting for such experiences.

What are the cheapest beach towns in Mexico?

Mexico is home to numerous beach towns that are both affordable and beautiful, offering great value for travelers on a budget. Some of the cheapest beach towns in Mexico where you can enjoy the sea, sand, and sun without breaking the bank include:

  • Mazatlán, Sinaloa
  • Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca
  • Tulum, Quintana Roo
  • La Paz, Baja California Sur
  • Sayulita, Nayarit

Conclusion: Nude Beaches in Mexico

Mexico’s coastlines are a haven for those seeking the freedom of nude beaches and resorts. From the most recognized nude beaches in Mexico like Zipolite Beach to the secluded shores of Playa del Secreto, these spots offer a blend of natural beauty and privacy.

If you can afford it, the country’s array of clothing-optional resorts adds another layer of appeal, combining the pleasure of naturism with luxurious amenities. These destinations provide a unique way to experience Mexico while embracing the liberating experience of being one with nature.

Whether you’re a naturism enthusiast or curious about dipping your toes into clothing-optional waters, Mexico welcomes you with open arms.

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